Climb Modules


Purchase Like a Pro

Easily trace the journey of a purchase order from the moment it is entered, received, approved and invoiced

Use inbuilt previous buying behaviour to see how many times a product has been bought as well as see all previous invoices to always get the best price

Create templates for suppliers to repeat previous orders

Edit or add another product to an order and email purchase orders and supplier invoices all at the click of a button


Optimise Operational Output

Create the most user friendly and tailored production logs for as many teams as you like

Stay on top of your orders with an easy to use scheduler that enables you to add, edit and delete production orders as needed

Monitor daily production output, costs and completion with real time status updates


Digitally Design Delivery Runs

Orders automatically enter your logistics daily schedule and you can design your own delivery run sheets for as many drivers as you need

Track exactly where each driver is, when an order was delivered and the name of the customer who electronically signed for it

Easily customise outbound orders into customer pick up’s, courier orders or your own delivery driver run sheets


Inventory Intelligence

Easily oversee your inventory with real time stock movements of incoming and outgoing goods

Always see a summarised cost and quantity of stock coming in, stock going out as well as the quantity and total cost of current stock on hand

Never stop production or leave your production, purchasing or sales team in the dark by looking at the summary of all incoming goods and their arrival dates specific to each teams order requirements


Strengthen Your Sales Destiny

Easily trace the journey of a customer order from the moment the order was placed, picked, delivered and invoiced

Use inbuilt previous customer behaviour to help your sales team give the best service by always knowing in real time exactly what that customer always buys and at what price

Create templates for customers to repeat previous orders

Edit or add another product to an order and email orders and customer invoices all at the click of a button


Build Better Business Relationships

Watch your business grow with a summary of the number of leads and amount earned in new business whilst also being across business missed through lost leads

Always keep an eye on your top 10 customers, suppliers and products as well as be reminded of which customers, suppliers and products are not performing so well

Create monthly specials and have this easily communicated through Climb to any sales rep or customer


Streamline Online Ordering

Have all your website orders stream straight into organised orders into team schedules to be picked and packed

See total sales and quantities sold converted into simple reports

Don’t worry about inventory updates as stock level changes are automatically pushed into your E-Commerce store

Point Of Sales

Powerful. Organised. Sexy.

Have every transaction integrate straight into Climb so you can see daily summarised till reports of every one of your stores right on your phone

Enable inventory, pricing, country of origin all to be edited in your Climb central location and pushed in real time on your POS system across as many locations as you like

Apply discounts, email customers their receipts, create loyalty programs whilst Climb takes all this data and gives it back to you in simple reports


Seamlessly Sync Your Accounts

Automatically integrate any invoice, bill, credit note into your accounting software including Xero, Myob, Quickbooks and more

Stay on top of any money owing with our user friendly Accounts Receivable and Accounts Payable features

Become paperless with electronic signatures for any customer invoice


Provide a Profile for all Personnel

Design a profile for every employee where all their information is securely stored in the Climb Cloud and accessible any time

Enable employees to apply for leave from their phone, upload doctors certificates and await manager approval

Always know your total wage count and compare it with previous years


Receive Real Time Reports

Save an enormous amount of time on compiling reports from many different paper and online systems and have all the up to the minute Climb reports ready at your fingertips

Always stay on top of your businesses daily performance with a simple dashboard of your most important reports such as daily sales, expenses, production output and many more

Manage company targets easier than every before with reports on the metrics you need to ensure accountability and profitability

Make all meetings with employees, clients, managers or board members far more productive with real time reports which can all be converted into Excel or PDF documents at the click of a button


Completely Customise Climb

Restrict as much or as little access for any user so they only see what you want them to see

Tailor ordering forms, production logs, your driver names or approval steps

Change any drop down options to suit your business needs

Get The Power Of The entire c-suite